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Beekeeping Course Details - Auckland Council

Due to demand and requests we have new and exciting courses for 2017.
A 2 day weekday, 2 day weekend course. Plus a hands on 2 hours course and a 
Top Bar course. The Top Bar dates to be confirmed.
Our course caters for all levels of beekeeping.
We are starting 2017 the same way we end 2016 with our course's been sold out long before their due date. You will need to be quick to get the course you want.
Book early so you don't miss out. 
                                           Our courses for  2017
We have received a great deal of interest regarding our 2017 courses and seats have been booked already so be in quick to reserve your seat. 
May        Wednesday 3rd & Thursday 4th - 2 day week day course (5 seats available)
May        Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st - 2 day weekend.
June       Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th - 2 day weekend.
June       Tuesday 27th & Wednesday 28th - 2 day week day course
How to reserve your seat 
To reserve your 2 Day week day, 2 Day weekend courses we required our students to pay the deposit of $150.00 and the balance of $150.00 on the day. 
Our 2 Hour Hands On Course is $100.00 charge per student limited to 3 students and is weather permitting.
You can make your payment at: 


Please read the following information to make your booking -


You may wish to phone (09 2949005) using your credit card - direct banking or by calling into The Bee Hive  unit 7 - 236 Gt South Road in Drury. 

Start up offer.

WE WILL BE OFFERING SPECIAL START UP SETS FOR BOOKED STUDENTS - Please ask one of our staff to run you through our offers. (you must be booked on a course to receive this special offer).



We have also negotiated a special course rate with Drury Motor Lodge of a $115.00 per night.
To get the course rate you can book directly with them on 09 294 7690.


The Bee Hive Team will come to you and do a private courses we require 10 plus students to provide this service. (You can discuss this with Greg give him a call) 

 What does our beekeeping course offer you.

The Bee Hive course has been designed to provide the student with the theory and practical knowledge needed to become proficient in the art of Beekeeping. This is an entry-level course. The course structure has been designed to fit into a 2 day weekend and now a 2 day week day course - Course HOURS : Day 1 9am to 4.30 pm day 2 9am to 5pm.

Night school at The Bee Hive Drury 7pm to 9pm. The first Saturday of the course week is our practical (weather permitting) 11am to 1pm.

Our practical session is hands on with live bees on day 1 day weather permitting. 

All practical sessions are weather permitting.

We provide our students  with a comprehensive set of notes, folder and pen. Our students get to go into a working hive with our second tutor who is a qualified beekeeper with 30 years commercial experience. This unique opportunity gives our students a balance look at beekeeping.

 We cover in our practical session the Langstroth, Top Bar and Bench Hives.

The Bee Hive Course is designed to take you through the following aspects of Beekeeping.

  • History of Beekeeping in New Zealand. 

  • Stings, allergies and management of. 

  • Life cycle of the honeybee. 

  • Anatomy and physiology of bees. 

  • Beekeeping Statistics for New Zealand 

  • Auckland city Bylaws- 
(NEW 1st September 2015)
  • Hive setup in Urban & Rural areas 

  • Your local Bee Clubs and the NBA 

  • How to build your hive (Build your Hive) (Inside your hive) (Wooden and Plastic frames - pros and cons) (Protective clothing) 

  • We cover the Langstroth, top bar, bench hives and the Flow Hive. (plus practical session on 3)
  • Hive Equipment (Your Friend the Smoker) 

  • Hive Equipment (Queen Excluder and Pollen Traps)
  • Beekeeping Equipment New and Used (Purchasing Bees for your hive) 

  • Hive positioning and placement. 

  • Swarms 

  • Now you have your bees what do you do? (Registration) 

  • Honey flow 

  • What is a bee escape? (Bee Blower) (Honey extraction time) 

  • Processing Honey (Legal obligations when extracting and selling honey in 
New Zealand) (Buy products – capping’s, wax and propolis) (Wax processing) 

  • How to Cream Honey 

  • Toxic Honey (Moving hives) 

  • Splitting your hive 
  • Hive amalgamation. (Requeening), (Requeening by supersedure), (Reputable 
Queen Breeders) 

  • International Marking Codes for Queens 

  • Prices for the 2014/2015 Season 

  • Why do we feed? (Different Types of Feeders) 

  • Disease, signs and symptoms. 

  • American Foulbrood (AFB) (Sterilising Bee Equipment) 

  • Varroa and Other Diseases (Bee Mutations) 

  • Other Varieties of Bees in your Garden 

  • Wasps! 

Course History.

The Bee Hive has now been open for three years and in this time  we have had 500 students complete our course the youngest being 9 the oldest was 82. Our students have travelled as far as Queenstown in the South Island to Kaitaia in the North. Plus one student from Australia. 

The course has had a diverse range of students some of these have been, police officers, crash fire crews a judge, doctors, a Member of Parliament, farmers, builders, plumbers the list goes on. Their reasoning for doing our course - stress relief, a hobby, under stand the plight of bees and want to increase bee numbers, farmers, life style block owners, commercial growers and a change in life style -to become a full time beekeeper.

We provide light refreshments and lunch for our 2 day courses. Night School light refreshments.

The feedback we have received has been very positive with  students taking the next step going commercial.

We believe our course is very comprehensive and great value for the money paid.

WE OFFER A FREE HELP LINE9am to 5pm 09 2949005 - after hours and weekends

027 292 4958 TEXT OR RING

© The Bee Hive 2015

 Course Testimonial

Greg, I  thank you so much for running the Beekeeper course, that I attended last weekend.

For me, I'd been to several Franklin  Beekeepers meetings, and was slowly gaining knowledge, but also realising how much more there is to learn before I'd feel confident  enough to get my own hives.

I feel the knowledge you passed onto me, in the class room and with the bees, ---- I now feel confident enough to soon get hives and bees.

Lyn Peacock.


"I came to the course knowing next to nothing about keeping bees. The course was fantastic, and has given me the confidence to begin beekeeping.

Greg has a wealth of knowledge and his teaching style kept us engaged. It was a relief to find a beekeeper willing to share their experience with beginners.

It is also invaluable to know I will have ongoing support from The Bee Hive as questions arise."

-Natalie Collicott, Coromandel



Hi Greg 

A belated thank you for a great course.   It was interesting, informative and well structured including the field trip where we got to actually hold a busy beehive frame.   Your knowledge and experience made it very enjoyable and your enthusiasm is contagious.   The bee community are very fortunate. 

Kind regards

Karen Dobson


Hi Greg,

Thanks for a great course on the weekend - Still buzzing !!


cheers Ann