Hive Doctor Original Bottom Board • The Bee Hive.

Hive Doctor Original Bottom Board 

The base is a "one piece" plastic floor moulded so that it has a vented/varroa clearing bottom, with summer and winter settings.  On the summer setting the boxes of the hive sit right towards the front of the floor and the bees have the full width of the box as their entrance.  Come the winter, shift the boxes behind a couple of "pegs" in the floor and then the entrance can be controlled with the little red disk.  It can be fully open giving the bees about 50mm of entrance width, or half closed to further reduce the entrance if there are wasps about, or fully closed if you want to settle in a swarm or for moving the hive.  It also has the multi-coloured shapes at the front to help the bees orient themselves to their hive entrance.  All in all really quite an ingenious design, and as I said, I like it and have one myself. 

Manufactured by Ecrotek.  .