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The Bee Hive Frame Holder (GST Included)

The Bee Hive Frame Holder (GST Included)


Another great Kiwi idea, The Bee Hive Frame Holder. (Model Number 2)

The Bee Hive Frame Holder was designed and developed by Greg Harrington at The Bee Hive.

"I have made some improvements to it and its made it even better says Greg". 

Putting your first checked frame on the ground is not the ideal place = frame can be stood on and the worse scenario is killing your QUEEN !!!!!!!!


The Bee Hive frame holder takes 3/4 and Full depth frames


But the one big advantage over other frames holder is you can leave it on your box with the hive mat and lid in place. 


The Bee Hive frame hold is NOT sitting in the garage when you are checking your bees.



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